Rogers Single Point M4 Rifle Harness Review

Rogers Single Point M4 Rifle Harness Review

The Rogers Single Point M4 Rifle Harness provides shooters with an affordable quick detachable sling and mounting system for their M4 type rifles.  Consisting of a polymer bracket that mounts on the rifles receiver extension and single point harness that attaches to the rifle via a polymer quick release stud, this simple and effective design functions well in the field.

Roger’s single point sling as supplied

This is the mounting bracket supplied. It will work with any mil spec or commercial stock extension.

To install the sling, remove the stock from a safe and empty rifle. The bracket, without the locking piece slides on the end. Placing the locking piece against the receiver, the bracket is then pushed into place. Notice how the the locking mechanism engages the threads of the stock extension to provide a secure hold.

The adapter is secured in place with a #6 screw.

A Piece of parachute cord attaches the male part of the QD connector to the adapter. This remarkably simple solution works astonishingly well.

The male QD stud attaches to the female adapter that is part of the sling. By pulling back on the collar, the QD stud is released. By rotating the collar, the QD feature is locked. To avoid fatal entrapment, the sling is designed to break away from the user at approximately 160-pounds of pressure. The sling will still function if this happens.

Rogers single point M4 harness in the field.

Having shot with the Rogers Single Point M4 Harness for the past three months we have found it easy to use.  In addition to providing a secure method of carrying the rifle, transitions to the weak shoulder are easily accomplished.  The polymer QD stud is exceptionally easy to access and manipulate and the attachment point on the receiver extension is out of the way.

The Rogers Single Point M4 Harness is available in either black or flat dark earth from