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IDF Modernized M24 SWS Review

January 8, 2023 Bill Marr 0

The US Army M24 Sniper Weapon System (SWS) has been in service since 1988. In the three and a half decades of use in the US and foreign militaries around the world, it has been […]

308 Winchester

M24 Accuracy with M80 Ball Ammunition?

November 26, 2022 Bill Marr 0

When I was younger I spent quite a bit of time reading about military sniper rifles. While these rifles would function well with the specialized match ammunition they were designed for, I have always wondered […]

308 Winchester

M24 Sniper Rifle Review

October 30, 2022 Bill Marr 0

This is my initial review of the M24 Sniper Weapons System (SWS). This post will cover my first impressions and future posts will cover accuracy, load development and upgrades. My remarks in this post aren’t […]