Precision Rifles

Lone Peak Arms Fuzion- Ti

January 4, 2018 Bill Marr 0

A few months ago I was talking to gunsmith Mike Manzella about which custom actions he liked best.  He told me that he was extremely impressed with a company called Lone Peak Arms.  I took […]


Remington 700 upgrades

December 26, 2017 Bill Marr 0

Remington 700 upgrades Most guys I know love to tinker with stuff.  Be it their house, car or firearm, they try to make it better.  While it helps to have a specialized skill set with […]


Remington 700 bolt handle void

December 13, 2017 Bill Marr 0

One of the downsides of machining a cast metal part is the potential for voids.   While I’ve only encountered this a few times, here is a great example on a Remington 700 bolt that […]

1911 gunsmithing

How to bobtail a 1911

December 11, 2017 Bill Marr 0

Perhaps the biggest obstacle to carrying a full sized 1911 concealed is the sharp edge at the bottom of the frame where it meets the mainspring housing.  Some smiths will round off the corner to […]