BAT Machine’s Model VR 2-Lug Short Action Repeater: A Remington 700 Size Action

My friend purchased a BAT Machine Model VR short action (left-handed).  This action has a Remington 700 short action footprint so it will work with standard Remington bottom metal.

The Model VR action includes an integral rail, external bolt stop, and integral lug.  You’ll notice the bolt lugs are even with the bolt face.  This action does not require a bolt nose recess.  The action uses a tenon .776″ long with a 1-1/16″ x 18 thread.  Standard Remington 700s use a 1-1/16″ x 16 thread and have a longer tenon length determined by the recoil lug thickness.

In the pictures below you’ll notice it is well machined and finished.

BAT left sideBAT right sideBAT topBAT bottomBAT frontBAT bolt bottomBAT bolt rearBAT bolt face


Here are the specifications from BAT’s website:


Material and hardness of major action components:

  • Bolt: 4140; 40 or 44 RC depending on action
  • Bolt Handle: 17-4 SS
  • Firing pin: 1144-fatigue proof
  • Shroud: 303 SS
  • Cocking Piece: 1018 Carburized
  • Body: 17-4 SS; 36-38 RC
  • Body: 4140 CM; 36-38 RC

Action body to bolt clearance:

  • HR & VR actions: .0025 inch
Firing pin info:

  • Firing pin travel: .210-.230 inch.
  • Firing pin tip diameter: .070 inch
  • Firing pin protrusion: .054-.056 inch

Action bolt diameter:

  • 2 lug actions: 0.719 inch    Bore: .720      Bolt: .7185
  • 3 lug actions: 0.900 inch    Bore: .900      Bolt: .8985

Lock time:

  • 2.2 milliseconds