5 Great gift ideas for shooters and reloaders!

Considering how technical the shooting sports can be, shooters and reloaders can be demanding people to shop for.  With over twenty years in the sport, I decided to weigh in with my gift ideas.  Hopefully this guide will help give you the perfect gift this holiday season!

Idea #1 – Bullets!

6.5mm 123 Sierra MatchKings SMK

Take a look around your shooter’s reloading area and see what kind of bullets they have.  You see them in plastic boxes, like the one above.  Write down what the box says and go buy a bunch of them.  Typically you’d order them online, at a place like this.  A box of bullets can cost less than $30, so they also make great (and heavy) stocking stuffers.  Easy gift anyone would enjoy!

Idea #2- Eye and Ear protection!


Any shooter in any sport can use a good set of eye or ear protection.  Electronic earmuffs like the ones shown above are a great gift and always useful.   Prices range for a few dollars all the way up to 4300, so there is something for every budget.   To see more examples of eye and ear protection click here.

Idea #3- Chargemaster!

rcbs chargemaster

The Chargemaster is an electronic devise used by reloader to measure powder.  They cost a little over $300 and are a complete game changer for a reloader.  Take a look around your shooter’s reloading area, if you don’t see something that looks like what you see in the picture, buy one as a gift!  They’ll love it.

Idea #4- Gunsmithing screwdrivers


Any shooter would love a professional gunsmithing screwdriver set like the Magna-Tip super set shown above .  A great gift that will be truly appreciated and last generations!  Click here for more info…

Idea #5- Gift certificate

A gift certificate to a shooting supplier like Brownells is a great gift.  Your shooter will be able to get the exact gift they want and need.

Merry Christmas!