Hart XM3 barrel

A Hart XM3 rifle barrel has arrived!  As an XM3 fan, I’ve started gathering parts to clone a DARPA XM-3 rifle (to learn more about the XM3, check out  “The Darpa XM-3″ by Steve Reichert).

I’ve cloned the XM3 profile on two Shilen blanks in Countouring a Rifle Barrel Blank and How to taper a rifle barrel.  This one is the real deal.

The 6 groove stainless steel 1:10 twist blank ships 22″ long, but the finished length is 18.5″.  The barrel has a 1″ long section at the chamber end which will be removed (I’ve never seen a thick end on a blank like this before, but this is my first Hart barrel).  The blank has a 2″ long cylinder 1.200″ in diameter that tapers to .850″ at 18.5″.

xm3 barrel markings xm3 barrel chamber end xm3 bbl from hart

Once I gather some more parts I’ll start working on this blank.