Benchrest targets on a roll, throw them in a bag and don’t be stuck without precision rifle targets again!

5 rounds of 168 SMK at 100 yards.

targets on a rollMost shooters are forced to travel to a range.  That normally means lots of packing and sometimes, forgetting… A couple times I’ve been a half hour from home when I realized that I forgot my targets.  In the past, I had a sheet of red dots for emergency use with precision rifles.  Sinclair came up with something better, bench rest targets on a roll.

250 bench rest self adhesive targets on a roll mean you are never without precision rifle targets, just throw them up on a back and you are in business.  The roll is small, and the targets superior to a plain orange dot.  We’ve been using them on an IPSC target 3 across and 3 high for load development. Plus, they are relatively cheap- at just shy of $12 a roll, which works out to around $0.05 a pop!  These are a great addition to any range bag, leave a roll in there just in case.

Benchrest targets on a roll are available from Brownells and Sinclair.

5 rounds of 168 SMK at 100 yards.
Target adhered to cardboard for load development.