Quick rifle bedding tip: Easy removal of bedding material from pillars

When I bed my rifles I don’t use bedding screws or blocks, instead I use the actual bottom metal and the action screws.

700 in wet marine tex

While I prefer this method, I typically end up with bedding compound stuck inside the stocks aluminum pillars in.

bottom metal bedding

Note the Marine-tex in the pillars in the stock above.

Normally, I’ll chase the holes with a drill or reamer to clear them, however, I found another technique that works well.


I thread one of the action screws I used to during the bedding process into the epoxy that is still in the pillar and tap the screw with a hammer handle.


The hardened epoxy plus slides out.  Done. No drilling, no reamers.

A quick caveat, this will only work if the top and bottom edges of the epoxy plug aren’t touching the bedding.  If it is, the bedding can become chipped.