Remington 700 with McGowen pre-fit barrel at 200 yards

Here is a quick update on the McGowen pre-fit barrel project.  To recap, in Installing a pre-fit barrel on a Remington 700, I installed a pre-fit McGowen 1:10″ twist, 25″ long #7 barrel on an old 700.

It shot real well at 100 yards so we pushed it out to 200 and the results were pretty impressive.

All were shot with a 175 gr Sierra MatchKing (SMK), above, second from left, in Winchester brass over Varget with a Federal primer.

These are 10 shot groups, fired prone, from a bipod and rear bag.  For reference purposes, the black ring around the circle is 1 7/8″.

Group #1, 1.074 (.513 MOA)

Group #2, 1.272″ (.607 MOA)

Group #3, 1.300″ (.621 MOA)

Not too bad for a machine free installation, I’d say it is a shooter!  To learn more about McGowen barrels, click here.