MagnetoSpeed Chronograph Review

MagnetoSpeed V1 Barrel Mounted Ballistic Chronograph
MagnetoSpeed V1 Barrel Mounted Ballistic Chronograph

Serious shooters own chronographs.  Unfortunately, many chronographs stay home and never make it to the range because of the associated bulk and set up.  MagnetoSpeed has solved this problem with the introduction of their barrel mounted ballistic chronograph.

Unlike traditional chronographs which relied on a set of sensors reading light set up downrange from the shooter, the MagnetoSpeed reads the magnetic signature of the bullet.  No more sky screens and, because the unit mounts to the end of the barrel, no more downrange set up or worrying about light conditions.

The bayonet style mount simply straps over the barrel and is connected to the display unit via a cable.  When the cable is plugged in the unit turns on.  The unit is controlled via a button on the left side that allows the user to toggle through and select functions.


MagnetoSpeed V1 attached the 7,62x40WT barrel


7.62x40WT 110 TTSX data

During our testing we have found the MagnetoSpeed Chronograph easy to use and reliable.  The unit stores multiple strings of fire, allowing the shooter to access the information when he gets home from the range.

MagnetoSpeeds bayonet attachment mounts to all rifles we have tested so far.
The bayonet mounted reader used by the MagnettoSpeed chronograph. We love this thing.

We have found the MagnetoSpeed an excellent product, working on the myrid of guns we have tested.  The only downside is that it doesn’t work on semi-automatic pistols (because there is nowhere to strap it too) and will not work with pellet rifles.

If you are into rifles and like collecting accurate data, the MagnetoSpeed Ballistic Chronograph is an excellent choice that eliminates the hassles associated with chronographs.

For more information about the MagnetoSpeed barrel mounted ballistic chronograph, click here.