Dewey AR-15/M-16 Field Cleaning Kit Review:  Dewey AR-15/M-16 Cleaning Kit

Pull-through cleaning kits have been around for some time.  Lately, they seem to be gaining popularity.  The obvious advantage of this kind of kit is the small space they require.  You don’t have a one piece cleaning rod to bend or break, and you don’t have a segmented rod that can potentially damage your bore where the sections join.

The Dewey kit (shown in .223 Caliber, but available in multiple calibers) includes a two-ended pull-through cleaning rod, two piece chamber rod, chamber brush, pic, brass scraper, case remover, patches (not shown), nylon bore brush and FP-10 oil.

Stuck case remover (top), Pic (middle) and Scraper (bottom)

The pull-through rod is a nylon coated steel cable with one threaded end to receive the bore brush or case remover.   The other end is a patch holder.  For cleaning the bore, the rod works fine.  You drop the threaded end down the muzzle and push it out by the receiver at which point you screw on the brush and pull through.  Running patches is easier since you only need to remove the patch and not unscrew the brush.

The case remover can be threaded to the rod and then driven down the muzzle to remove cases.  I haven’t had a stuck case to try it on, but in theory, it seems like it would work.

The chamber brush and associated pick and scraper work with the two piece chamber rod and do a good job.

I’ve been using it for the past three months or so in my range bag and am pleased.  Overall it is a nice little kit that works well.

My only criticism is the lack of a short all purpose brush.

Dewey kits are available through their online store.