Olongapo Outfitters AR-15 30 Round Grab & Go

Rifleshooter.com Review: Olongapo Outfitters AR-15 30 Round Grab & Go

The AR-15 30 Round Grab & Go is a carrier designed to hold eight, thirty-round magazines in four different pouches.  The entire rig, is carried by the user via a wide, nylon strap.  A thin map pocket is located behind the magazines pouches.  Each compartment has a reinforced drain hole.


Map Pocket behind the magazine pouches

Magazines pouches are covered by a Velcro flap enclosure.  The pouch itself has some sort of elastic webbing that allows the system to adequately retain a single magazine even if the flap is open.

Flap closed on two USGI mags equipped with Ranger Tabs
Two USGI mags with Ranger Tabs before closing the flap

Here is a pic of the carrier loaded with eight magazines.

Ranger tabs, "L" plates, and standard magazine bases all work fine and are easily removed

Sometimes I need to shoot an AK, this is one of the few magazine carriers I use that can handle AK and AR magazines.  This one does, and does it fairly well.

Two 30 round AK mags- tight fit but it works
The flap still manages to contact Velcro (barely)with the two 30 round AK mags
With one 30 round AK magazine the flap is more secure
Here are two 20 round AK magazines
Flap securely closed on two 20 round AK magazines

This is a pretty cool piece of gear.  I use it to transport my magazines to and from the range, and sometimes I wear it when I train and when I shoot matches.  If I need a system to carry AK magazines, I grab this.

The best part, it is make by a former Marine, right here in the United States.  Semper Fi, lots of win here.

You can purchase one direct from the manufacturer here.