Parabellum Armaments AKARS Holds its Zero

AKARS with Colorado Shooting Sports Lightning Bolt Generation 2 Conversion. Notice the material removed from the left side of the receiver, despite this, the mount still held its zero.

Update: Parabellum Armaments AKARS holds it zero

Our recent review of the Parabellum Armament AK Adaptive Rail System had readers asking if the system still held its zero, despite our test protocol.

Recently we sent our AKARS top cover off to Colorado Shooting Sports for an AK Lightning Bolt Generation 2 conversion.  This required us to remove the cover, diassemble the rear block, ship the cover across the counrty where it material was machined, repainted, and shipped back across the country.  When it arrived back we replaced the block and headed to the range.

I loaded the rifle, hit the timer and dropped prone on a 50 yard cardboard IPSC target and fired five rounds center mass.  The AKARS held it zero.

The AK Lightning Bolt review can be found here.