Nesika Bay Model K action

The rifle was built on a Nesika Model K action.

Here are some photos of a left-handed Nesika Bay Model K short-action.  This one is approximately 8 years old.  Note the square tang, thick double pinned recoil lug and overall finish.  This is a pretty nice action.  Nesika model k action rear Nesika model k action bottom Nesika model k action tang Nesika model k action barrel tenon Nesika model k action doubel pinned lug Nesika model k action bolt face Nesika model k action 4 Nesika model k action 3 Nesika model k action 2 Nesika model k action 1.1

From Nesika’s catalog:

For the hunter and shooter of uncompromising
standards, Nesika proudly provides the world’s finest
family of rifle actions. Seamlessly blending advanced
engineering principles with old-world style craftsmanship,
the result is an action that is simply unmatched in both
accuracy and aesthetics.

Each is a model of enduring strength and exacting
tolerances. The receiver is machined from 15-5 stainless
steel, while the one-piece bolt and bolt handle are made
from a single, solid piece of 4340 Chrom-Moly. And all
actions feature “Borden Bumps,” yielding less than .001”
clearance when in the locked position.

Available in four models with a variety of options, the
constants remain our unyielding standards for precision
and quality. Whatever your passion, Nesika actions are the
premier foundation for crafting your world-class rifle.