Review: Tactical Rifle Operator with Paul Howe

Paul Howe is a 20 year veteran of the US Army.  He spent ten years in special forces.  About ten years ago he started a shooting school, Combat Shooting and Tactics (CSAT) in Texas.  He certainly understands shooting.

Paul has developed pistol and rifle standards that provide a solid baseline for shooters looking to keep their skills current.  His standards are solid, for instance, standard 1 is one shot to an IPSC A zone in 1 second from low ready.  If you don’t have perfect technique, you will not pass a standard. His website lists his rifle and pistol standards.

Recently, Paul released two videos, one for the rifle and the other for the pistol.  Having shot his standards for the past year, I decided to buy the carbine video.  You will immediately notice the difference between his structured approach, that actually focuses on marksmanship, and some of the other more dynamic run around cones and shoot’em up videos.

I am more then pleased with this purchase.  It provides an excellent overview of his standards and methods.  If you are looking for a carbine video, this one is definitely worth a look.