CTK Precision P3 Ultimate Gun Vise Review

The CTK Precision Ultimate Gun Vise

If you clean or tinker with your guns, you’ve undoubtedly struggled to find an effective method to secure your firearms without damaging them.  Back in the day, we had three pieces if 1×12 pine nailed together with a triangular notch to cradle long guns.  The rudimentary system left a little to be desired.  Graduating to a lightweight injection molded plastic system, the pine was quickly tossed on the fire.  The plastic cradle held the rifle for mounting a scope or light cleaning, but once you applied any kind of force to it the flaws of the system became immediately apparent.  Try to lapping 30MM steel rings on your #8 contour 300 Win Mag in AICS stock, the entire assembly buckles under the weight and stress. Enter the CTK Precision P3 Ultimate Gun Vise.

The padded rear vise jaws can be moved along the entire length of the unit, holding a full selection of long guns as well as handguns. Note the cleaning rod holders. 

The CTK Precision P3 Ultimate Gun Vise has a steel frame with rubber lined jaws and is equipped with a cleaning rod holder on its left side.  Each one of its three feet are self leveling   The front cradle has a wide, rubber padded mouth that accepts a wide range of forearms.  The adjustable rear vise, has thick rubber jaws that slide the entire length of the vice and clamp down tightly to positively engage the firearms.  Not strictly limited to long guns, the this system can adjust for pistols as well.

While the three footed design prevents wobbling, each one is independently adjustable. This is especially useful for scope or sight installation demanding a fully secure and level firearm.

In the three months we have been using it, the CTK Precision P3 Ultimate Gun Vise has never failed to impress us.  No longer limited to a flimsy plastic cradle, or risking damage with a bench vise and bronze jaws, the system provides a solid, secure and dependable way to secure firearms without risking damage to some of the fine finishes one may encounter.

The thick rubber jaws provide a secure hold and do not mark finishes.

The CTK Precision P3 Ultimate Gun Vise is the most evolved and sophisticated gun vise we have found and if you demand more versatility, CTK makes a rear conversion piece to transform the vise into a shooting rest as well.

For more information about, or to purchase the CTK Precision Ultimate Gun Vise, visit CTK Precision here.

Note the width of the front cradle. We have found it readily able to support a full range of forearms.