AR15/M16 Bolt Radius Scraper Review

The AR15/M16 Bolt Radius Scraper

If you shoot your AR15 a lot you are familiar with the thick carbon deposits in the rear of the bolt radius.  These deposits can be quite difficult to remove, in the past we have used everything from brass brushes, Kbar knives and stripper clip guides.

The AR15/M16 Bolt Radius Scraper offers shooters the ability to remove the bulk of carbon deposits from the rear of bolt with a few simple turns. A quick follow up with a little bit oil and a nylon brush and the rear of the bolt is ready for service.

The AR15/M16 Bolt Radius Scraper will save you time and help keep your rifles clean.  The AR15/M16 Bolt Radius Scraper is available from Brownells.

Carbine deposits on the rear of our bolt.
Sliding the scraper into place. As the scraper is rotated, the large areas of fouling are removed.
A quick pass with a nylon brush and a little bit of oil and the bolt radius is clean and ready to be put back into service.