Easy cosmoline removal

If you are into guns, tools, or guns and tools, you’ve undoubtedly run into problems removing cosmoline.  I’ve tried dozens of methods over the years until I stumbled upon a suggestion to use Goo Gone.  Goo Gone is a cirtus gel product that is marketed for the removal of adhesive residue on consumer projects.  Better yet, it is cheap!  I paid $4 for a spray bottle.

When I began removing the cosmoline from my new Precision Matthews PM-1440GT lathe, it was a little daunting.  The protective layer was thick, tough and not easy to remove.  I’ve tried various methods in the past, none of which seemed to work particularly well.

A coat of Goo Gone, a brief soak in period and follow up with paper towels cleaned the material down to the bare metal.  It worked so well that I took pictures and video of the last small cosmoline section of metal I had to clean.

If you have some cosmoline removal in your future, you may want to pick up a bottle of this stuff.  It is safe to work with, cheaper than most products and works extremely well.