Geissele Super Dynamic Combat Trigger Review

At the range with the Super Dynamic Combat. A cold wet and rainy day, the trigger performed admirably, even though I could barely feel my trigger finger.

We like to test products throughly before posting evaluations.  Occasionally, the time we spend testing and our posting deadlines conflict.  We try to get material to our readers as quickly as possible while maintaining our integrity, but every now and then we test something we like so much that it takes us a while to write about it.  The Geisselle Super Dynamic Combat (SDC) trigger is one of those products.

Originally making triggers for high power rifle shooters, Geissele Automatics has grown to offer a full spectrum of duty and competition triggers to the war fighter and competitor.  Our readers are already familiar with our fondness of the SSA, Super Semi Automatic trigger, this new flat bowed trigger, the Super Dynamic Combat (SD-C) is a civilian semiautomatic variant of a trigger currently in use by the special operations community.

Geiselle Super Dynamic Combat Trigger

Like all Geiselle products, detailed installation instructions are included with the Super Dynamic Combat trigger.  Installation is familiar for the shooter experienced with AR15 style triggers, and made even easier by the slave pin supplied by Geiselle.

The most noticeable feature of the Geissele Super Dynamic Combat trigger is the flat bow.   The bow, in addition to mimicking a 1911 trigger, makes the trigger feel about a pound lighter to the shooter.  Don’t let the bow fool you, this trigger is much more then a flat bow.  The two stage profile is superb for the type of shooting we do.  This link provides a detailed diagram of the two stage triggers profile.  As shown in the diagram, our test triggers first stage was approximately 3 pounds, followed by a 5 pound second stage.

On the firing line we found the Super Dynamic Combat performed exceptionally well.  As a rule, we like duty ready triggers at These are triggers with a pull of at least 4.5 pounds and are safe enough to survive a drop.  This 5 pound trigger is no exception, performing as well as a lighter one, with the flat bow permitting the shooter to perceive a lower trigger weight then is actually present.

The Super Dynamic Combat allows for quick follow up shots at close range, while still providing a crisp break for distant shots.  Having shot the trigger extensively on my primary rifle for the past 3 months, I’ve personally fired over 2,000 rounds of various 5.56mm ammunition and I can’t help but be impressed.  This trigger really is amazing, amassing a series of 3 wins, and one second place in four of the competitions I shot.  Keep in mind I was running my iron sighted mid length carbine against a bunch of race guns.

Interestingly enough, now when I look at AR triggers, I can’t help but wonder why they don’t have a flat bow.  More then just a flat bow, this is one great trigger.

For more information about the Super Dynamic Combat and their other fine triggers, visit Geissele Automatics.


The flat bow of the Geissele Super Dynamic Combat trigger.