Aimpoint T1 Micro 2MOA Review

The compact T1 Mirco with 2 MOA dot.

We recently acquired an Aimpoint T1 2MOA sight from Brownells.  Among the smallest and lightest of the red dot sights, the T1 in the traditional 4MOA dot size is a favorite.  Weighing 3.7 ounces and submersible to 80 feet with 4 night vision and 8 day light settings, the T1 allows 50,000 hours of continuous operation from one battery.

Mounting our T1 on an LT660 mount, we headed to the range and were immediately impressed.  At short range, we found the 2 MOA dot just as fast as the 4 MOA version.  However, as soon as we pushed back past 75 yards, the smaller dot sized became advantageous for more precise shot placement.  We have found the 4MOA version difficult for precise shots at 200 yards since the dot subtends 8″, witha 2 MOA dot only subtending 4″ at the same distance, more precise shot placement is possible.  Engaging a 10″ MGM flash target at 200 yards can be easily accomplished with the T1 2MOA.

Shooting Paul Howe’s CSAT standards to further evaluate the T1 2MOA we posted a fresh CSAT paper target.  If you are unfamiliar with his standards, we encourage you to check them out.  For each standard the shooter starts standing, facing down range, muzzle below the belt, eyes on target.  All rounds must impact inside the black center box.  Paul has par times posted on his site.  All of our shooting was within standards and below par, our times are posted below.  We also found that the groups shot at 100, 75 and 50 yards were tighter then we typically achieve with the 4MOA version of the sight.

100 Yards, 5 rounds standing to prone: 10.89 seconds
75 yards, 5 rounds standing to kneeling: 17.33 seconds
50 yards, 5 round standing to kneeling: 13.93 seconds
25 yards, 5 round standing: 6.97 seconds
7 yards, 1 round standing: .91 seconds
7 yards, 2 rounds standing: 1.06 seconds
7 yards, 2/1 rounds standing: 1.64 seconds
7 yards, 2 rounds on 2 targets: 2.45 seconds
7 yards. 5/1 rounds standing: 1.99 seconds

We have found the T1 to be a proven performer, the 2MOA dot is a welcome addition to the line.  The T1 2MOA and LT660 mount are available from Brownells.

Cleaning the CSAT standards with the T1 2MOA
Equipped with half MOA elevation and windage adjustments, the T1 uses the two studs on the protective adjustment covers to make changes to point of impact.