Battle Arms Development Ambidextrous Safety Selector (BAD-ASS) Review

BAD-ASS Levers
Battle Arms Development Ambidextrous Safety Selector

While ambidextrous selector switches aren’t new to AR-15, the Battle Arms Development Ambidextrous Safety Selector (BAD-ASS) does offer new features providing shooters with the option to choose between six different lever designs for 36-possible combinations. Offering levers of different lengths, thicknesses and profiles, shooters can truly customize their configuration.

Machined from bar stock steel, the BAD-ASS includes two extra screws, a T10 Torx wrench, a new stainless steel safety detent and spring.  Installation is a breeze; simply unscrew the pistol grip then remove the spring and detent.  This allows your safety to slide right out.  Remove the selector from the right side of the BAD-ASS, slide in the selector assembly then reattach the lever to the opposite side.  Changing selector levers can be accomplished while the BAD-ASS is installed on the rifle by simply removing the Torx screw.  Once your desired configuration is determined, apply some thread lock to the screw and you are ready to go.

In the past, the one issue we’ve had with AR-15 ambidextrous selectors was the interference with the firing hand’s trigger finger caused when it contacted the lever on the right (in the case of right-handed shooters) side of the receiver (see photo below).  By selecting a thin or a short & thin selector for the weak side of your rifle, the lever no longer interferes.

On the range, we discovered our personal preference was the standard lever on the left side, paired with the short & thin lever for the right hand.  This provided the shooter the ability to easily operate the selector when firing support side, while not interfering with the trigger finger.  An additional benefit, for both the shooter and RO or Instructor is the ability to verify the selectors position from the right side of the rifle.  The crank lever was nifty and reminded us of the selector on the Daewoo K1A1.

Covered by a lifetime warranty, BAD also offers an unconditional lever exchange program.  At any time, you can trade-in your old lever for a new one, no matter what condition it is in. As new levers are developed, simply send them your old one for an upgrade at no cost.

The Battle Arms Development Ambidextrous Safety Selector (BAD-ASS) is a solid American made product.  BAD offers discounts for Mil, LEO, firefighters and EMT’s, active, retired and veterans.

View of the levers
BAD-ASS Levers (Photo credit: BAD)
To change levers, simply remove the Torx screw and replace the lever while the unit is still installed.
This is our preferred selector for the right side of the rifle (short & thin). Notice it doesn’t interfere with the trigger finger of the dominant hand.