Howa 1500 barrel removal

Howa 1500 barrel removal

I’ve been asked by quite a few different shooters if Howa factory barrels are difficult to remove- the short answer is, no, they aren’t.  You don’t even need specialized equipment to do it.  In this quick post, I’ll show you how I remove factory Howa 1500 barrels.

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You don’t need a specialized action wrench for a Howa 1500.  The top of the receiver is a nominal 1.35″ and the bottom is flat.  This means your Mauser style wrench for a Remington 700 will work- I like the one shown from Brownells.  Simply use the top half against the flat bottom and tighten it down.

Next, you need to secure the barrel in a vise, I like this bushing model from Brownells.  It uses a set of interchangeable aluminum bushings (1.175″) that grab the barrel.  I like to coat the barrel in Rosin to prevent anything from slipping.

Now all you need to do is unscrew the barrel.  Check out the video below, this is a factory barrel on a factory action that has never been removed.

You’ll notice I used an aluminum “cheater pipe” on the action wrench handle and the action broke free instantly.

That’s it.  EASY!

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