Lone Peak Arms Fuzion- Ti

A few months ago I was talking to gunsmith Mike Manzella about which custom actions he liked best.  He told me that he was extremely impressed with a company called Lone Peak Arms.  I took a look online, liked what I saw and ordered a Fuzion-Ti action.

Lone Peak offers a couple of different actions.  The Razor and Razor-Ti (integrated recoil lugs), Fuzion and Fuzion-Ti( integrated recoil lug and pic rail), Razor 338 and Razor-Ti 338(.750” bolt for lapua’s and Norma’s).  Options include stainless, titanium, nitride steel bolts and receivers.  

According to Lone Peak:

The FUZION-TI is built for those looking for an accurate, lightweight action that delivers a half pound reduction in weight versus a stainless action. The FUZION-TI action is built with 6Al – 4V grade titanium and is priced very competitively. Available in long and short action configurations. The Alpine port is the standard port cut, but a full 20 MOA rail is available upon request.

I’m working on the idea of an ultimate lightweight hunting rifle project and decided this would be the perfect fit.  When I opened the box and took out the action I couldn’t be more impressed, the fit and finish are flawless!

As you can tell from the images the Fuzion-Ti is a Remington 700 clone in terms of footprint and trigger.  Unlike the Remington, the Fuzion includes a external bolt stop, integral rail and M-16 style extractor.

I plan on putting a Proof Carbon Fiber barrel on this one.  Can’t wait to see how it turn out.

To learn more about Lone Peak Arms, click here.