DVD Review: Bill Rogers Reactive Pistol Shooting

Rifleshooter.com reviews Panteao Productions “Make Ready with Bill Rogers: Reactive Pistol Shooting”

Bill Rogers is a former FBI agent and the inventor of the kydex holster.  He runs the world renowned Rogers Shooting School in  Ellijah Georgia.

The video begins with Rogers discussing why he uses steel targets and how to use them safely.  The entire video is shot at his facility on the target system he designed.  This system is known as the “Rogers Range”.  The Rogers Range is a series of computer controlled 8″ diameter plates at various distances from 7 to 20 yards.  The plates are randomly exposed for .5 seconds at a time (note: you will see pictures of the range in the first video below).

Eye dominance is discussed in detail. He notes that 40% of the population are cross eye dominant, meaning, the dominant eye of the shooter is opposite of the dominate hand.  He recommends these shooters shoot with the hand on the same hand as the dominant eye.

Bill thoroughly describes how and why to build a shooting position then reviews dry fire practice.  His system is simple, it should be noted that simplicity is a common theme with top tier instructors.  The video progresses from a single shot on an 8″ plate at 25 feet in .5 second from the low ready, to two shots, then four.  Advanced techniques, such as drawing from concealment, a tactical holster, flashlight techniques, weak and strong single-handed reloads are all addressed and addressed well.

The par times Bill Rogers uses are exceptionally impressive.  They are faster then Paul Howe’s standards and shot on  smaller targets.  For instance, Bill demonstrates the “Bill Drill”.  The drill is shot at 25 feet, starting at low ready.  The shooter fires 6 rounds into an 8″ circle then one round into a “head” plate as fast as possible.  Par time 2.5 seconds.  Howe’s 5 plus 1 failure drill standard allows a par time of 3.0 seconds and is difficult to make, this is an extra round in .5s less.  I am still impressed.

Overall the video exceeded my expectations.  I have a friend who is a very well known military/LE instructor who speaks highly of Bill, now I know why.  Make Ready with Bill Rogers: Reactive Pistol Shooting is an excellent tool for the intermediate to advanced shooter who is looking to improve his skill set and comes highly recommended by rifleshooter.com.