My MagnetoSpeed V3 BROKE!!!

I’ve been using a MagnetoSpeed V3 barrel mounted ballistic chronograph a few times a week for the past few years (I started with the V1 back on December 2013)!  Thousands and thousands of reliably measured rounds later, my unit is BROKEN!

Take a look at this data set:

That’s right, one round at 204 feet/second, the next at 2,752 feet/second, and the last at 7,530 feet/second!  My loads aren’t that bad!  I tried to fix it with a few different batteries and checking the set up, after 50 rounds I gave up.

No, it isn’t the battery or the set up.  It just stopped working.  I’ll tell you what; for the thousands of rounds that I have fired through scores of rifles with this unit, it has done a great job.  I’ll be ordering a replacement shortly.

It’s been real.  This chronograph has been more than a chronograph to me!  This is the unit I’ve used in countless reviews, load development, and barrel length posts.  It is the same one I put up against the Oehler 35P here.

Here are some pics in tribute to its years of hard service!

MagnetoSpeed’s bayonet attachment mounts to all rifles we have tested so far.