Glock firing pin channel removal and replacement

Removing and replacing the firing pin channel in your Glock pistol can be a bit of a chore (removing it is the hard part, putting it back in is fairly simple).  While it isn’t something that most Glock owners will never have to do, if you are refinishing the gun, it would be a good idea to remove the channel while you are blasting and coating the slide, and replace it when you are done.

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For reference purposes, a schematic of Glock pistols can be found here.

Like most gun specific tasks, there is a tool that makes this job easier. Rimfire Gunworks has developed this channel liner tool to make removal and replacement of the firing pin channel liner easy.  A word of caution, the tool destroys the channel liner, so before you attempt to remove and replace one, make sure you have the part on hand.  The liners cost a little less than $3.

In this case I’ll be removing my firing pin channel liner so I can Cerakote my slide.

glock firing pin channel tool with slide

The firing pin channel tool and a new firing pin channel.

glock firing pin channel removal

To remove the firing pin channel the tool is threaded into the firing pin channel and the wing nut is tighten against the washer, this remove the channel from the slide.

glocking firing pin channel tool installation

When it is time to install a new firing pin channel, the opposite end of the tool acts as a holder and installation tool.

The channel liner tool is available from Brownells.