VTAC L.U.S.A. Universal Sling Adapter Review

Rifleshooter.com: VTAC L.U.S.A. Universal Sling Adapter Review

VTAC has once again answered the call with a novel sling mount that works with most systems.

The VTAC L.U.S.A. (100-004-331), attaches to a rifle’s rail system via an integral clamp and provides the shooter the ability to attach the sling via a QD sling swivel, traditional loop, hook attachment or by simply running the sling through the slot on the mount- one adapter, many options.

You cannot help but be impressed with this product, like the outstanding VTAC sling, this is another product that should have been around for years.  Highly recommended.



The VTAC L.U.S.A. is available from Brownells.com part number 100-004-331