Modular Driven Technologies TAC21 Chassis System Review (Initial Thoughts)

TAC-21 Chassis
TAC-21 Chassis

UPDATE: Complete review is here

We will have a detailed review of the TAC-21 Chassis System for the Remington 700 available soon.  The system allows the use of any AR15 stock and pistol grip and allows the rifle to accept AICS style 5 and ten round magazines,

Here are our initial thoughts as testing began:

  1. Excellent ergonomics: this is especially true for the AR platform shooter.  We ran three shooters of different ability levels on the platform after they had run some carbine drills.  All of them achieved sub- MOA performance, including one who had no experience with a precision rifle before.
  2. It is the lightest recoiling 308 bolt gun we have fired.  The Surefire muzzle break and inline stock design (the stock is directly inline with the bore) make this gun feel more like a heavy barreled 223 then a 308.  We are impressed.
  3. Accurate: we built this gun on a virgin Remington 700 action Shilen 1:10 blank, and Holland lug all provided by Brownells.  The gun shot its first three shot group sub MOA.
  4. Even guns with collapsible stocks can be accurate.  Possibly the most surprising part,  the use of a Magpul CTR stock on a precision rifle worked well.
This chassis really impressed us when we put it into service.  Standby for the upcoming comprehensive review.