Custom Left-Hand Remington 700 in 308 Winchester Precision Rifle

If only accurate rifles are interesting... this one is interesting...

This is a custom Remington 700 precision rifle I built with my friend.  It is a collection of old and new parts.

custom Rem 700 left side 308 2

New parts purchased were a Remington 700 Left-Hand short action receiver with .308 bolt face, Shilen #7 Select Match Barrel with a 1:10 twist, and Jewel HVR trigger.  New left-handed Remington 700 actions are hard to come buy.  He bought this one from Brownells when they got a few in.  He scored a used McMillan A4 stock with Badger M5 bottom metal online and added a Vortex Razor 5-20X50mm FFP mil/mil scope in Vortex matched rings. Here is a picture of all the parts before we started working on them…

lil guys 308 in parts

Unfortunately, we didn’t take pictures as we were building it, but here is a short overview of what we did.  The action was trued with a Manson Receiver Accurizing kit and we installed an external bolt stop.  We chambered the Shilen barrel with a Manson 308 Match reamer.  The action was bedded (we didn’t bed the bottom metal) in Marine-tex prior to painting the parts.

custom lh rem 700 308 vortex

The bolt was helically fluted and a hunter bolt knob installed by Kampfeld Custom.

My buddy coated the metal in Gun-Kote and the stock is Duracoat.  He was a professional high end car painted before he became a cop- that’s why his work looks so good.  He used Bulldog GAP stencils for the camouflage pattern.

Custom rem 700 308 fluted bolt and handle

The Vortex Razor is a solid option in performance optics. This is sitting on a 10 MOA Nightforce base with Vortex matched rings.

custom 700 lh 308 front

We installed a Picatinny rail on the fore end so he could attach a Sierra 7 bipod.  The barrel is 24″ long with a .090″ deep recessed target crown.

custom 700 308 bipod mount

If only accurate rifles are interesting… this one is definitely interesting…

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5 shots 100 yards 168 SMK custom 700 shilen bbl

This rifle loves the Seirra 168 grain MatchKing HPBT (above).  5 rounds at 100 yards, prone with a bipod and rear bag.  .244″ (.233 MOA).  He is using Lapua brass, Varget, and Federal match primers and is getting 2600 feet/second with an extreme spread of 26.37 and a standard deviation of 10.24.


Above is another 5 shot group at 100 yards with the 168 SMK using the same load above from the bench.


The 175 SMK shoots well too.  This is a 3 round group at 100 yards.


Factory Federal 308 Gold Medal with the 168 SMK shot well too (above) in this 3 shot group.

Looking at how it shoots you can see why we are both fans of Shilen barrels.  I know they developed a bad rep years back, but I haven’t encountered a bad Shilen barrel yet.

He’s real happy with the way his rifle turned out. Too bad it is left-handed…

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