HK VP9 FAILURE at 93 rounds

HK VP9 FAILURE at 93 rounds

If you follow this blog, you know that my buddies and I have become fans of the HK VP9 pistol.  Take a look at my review HK VP9 Review: A Glock guy shoots the HK.   The VP9 is accurate, has a great trigger (for a striker fired gun) and a low price point (for HK) making it an attractive option for the polymer gun shooter.

Another one of my friends jumped on the HK VP9 bandwagon and was quite pleased for the first 93 rounds. Everything worked great and he was shooting some of the tightest targets of his life until the trigger stopped resetting.  Upon inspection of the gun, we found the bolt pin (number 33 on this schematic) started backing out.

You can see in the image above, the pin was protruding from the frame.  When we reinstalled the pin by pushing it back in, the gun would function for a few rounds and then it would work itself back out rendering the VP9 inoperable (note the firing pin isn’t cocked and the trigger isn’t reset-below).  I was able to duplicate this by simply racking the slide and dry firing the pistol.

It is a shame this VP9 didn’t work so well; out of our small sample of 4 guns, this is the only one that had a problem so far.

This gun is on its way back to HK.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.

UPDATE: One of the armorers we spoke with thinks the pin wasn’t fully set at the factory.  It needs to be recessed below the surface of the frame to be in its proper position. When we kept reinstalling it, we only set it flush with the frame, never pushing it fully into place.   This appears to have fixed the issue.