Kynshot recoil reduction stock for the Remington 870

Kynshot manufactures hydraulic recoil reduction buffer systems for AR-15/M16 M4 type rifles and shotguns.  A big fan of the Remington 870, I decided to see what this system has to offer.

Kynshot sent a SK5100R kit for the 12 gauge Remington 870.  The kit includes a hydraulic buffer tube, Hogue pistol grip, MESA Tactical collapsible stock adapter and mounting hardware.  The end user needs to provide their own stock, in this case I used a MAGPUL CTR mil spec stock from Brownells.

Prior to the installation of the stock, the test Remington 870 was customized with the addition of Scattergun Technology ghost ring sights, 2-shot magazine extension, and a GG&G foreend with rail.

The Kynshot system has a series of three damper settings that can be set based on the intended ammunition.  Since the damper is only accessible during the initial installation, I set it on the maximum reduction setting prior to installation.  To reset the damper setting, the stock assembly needs to be removed from the gun.

Kynshot 870 2

Heading downrange I was somewhat skeptical about how well it would work.  I had tried recoil reduction stocks on shotguns in the past and I found them to be a mixed bag.  While the shock absorber did collapse and reduce the felt recoil on the shoulder, the receiver of the weapon would collapse during recoil towards the shooters face, requiring an exaggerated length of pull to prevent the gun from hitting the shooter in the face.  Further, after the recoil system compressed and when the stock would expand back to its original length, it would drive the gun forward and off target.  While recoil was less, muzzle flip and gun movement was increased.  The Kynshot system didn’t have any of these problems.  The gun shot well with a variety of buck shot and slugs.  While it did move more than a gun with a traditional stock, the perceived recoil for the shooter was less.

kynshot 3

Of the recoil reducing stocks I have tested to date, this is the only one I have found that was satisfactory and would recommend.

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