Wilson Combat’s AR-15 Tactical Trigger Unit, Mil/LE, (TR-TTU-Mil) Review

Wilson’s TR-TTU-Mil


First time out with the TTU-Mil:    CSAT standards from 50 to 7-yards.



“Reliable, safe, crisp and clean; this is everything an AR-15 trigger should be.”

“Sights and triggers, sights and triggers, it’s all sights and triggers”; the chief warrant officer who ran the range at the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center would constantly preach.  It took me a while to finally admit he was spot on. Without sight alignment and some decent trigger control, you aren’t making a good shot.  Just because they look cool, doesn’t mean this rule doesn’t apply to AR15s. Today’s shooter, equipped with the modern AR, can greatly benefit from an enhanced trigger.  Until now, I was hesitant to recommend single stage triggers to shooters because of safety concerns.  This is no longer the case.

The Wilson Combat Tactical Trigger Unit (TTU) is an easy-t0-install, drop-in, single stage trigger unit for AR-15 type rifles.  It is available in four different configurations: standard single stage; 3-gun; Mil and two stage match.  This model, the TR-TTU-Mil, provides a single stage 5-5 3/4 pound trigger pull that is suitable for duty use.  Light triggers are fine for matches; but when under stress, while wearing gloves or with cold, numb fingers, there is an inherent safety factor to a heavier trigger pull.  Fully self-contained and constructed of bar stock H13 steel parts; the TTU’s construction prevents wear on your aluminum lower receiver.

Picking the TTU up, you cannot help but be impressed with the overall quality and workmanship that went into it.  Our sample was easy to install (see Wilson’s video below) and provided a crisp, consistent 5-pound, 12-ounce pull with little over travel.  Preferring single stage triggers, I was always hesitant to use them on AR-15 platform rifles because of design concerns.  Wilson created a safe trigger by including a half-cock notch that exceeds military drop tests requirements.

After the short installation and obligatory function check, I began to dry fire the unit and was impressed with the feel. This trigger breaks like the proverbial fine glass rod, which is truly remarkable for an AR-15.

Heading to the range, I set up a cardboard IPSC target and shot Paul Howe’s CSAT standards from 50 to 7-yards (this facility had a 50-yard range, which is why I didn’t shoot the 100 and 75-yard line).  My first live round with this trigger was from standing to kneeling position at 50-yards.  As that round broke, I was immediately impressed with the short reset and perfect break.  Crisp and clean, I didn’t drop one round on the course of fire.   All times were well below established pars and were hits in the “A-zone” of the target.  Shooting a series of single rounds from low ready with the rifle on safe, muzzle below the belt, facing the target; yielded an average time of .74-seconds.  A pair of aimed rounds from the same starting position regularly clocked under 1.00 second.

Reliable, safe, crisp and clean; this is everything an AR-15 trigger should be. The TR-TTU-Mil is available directly from Wilson Combat and will fit AR-15 style rifles, as well as  .308 style AR-15s and the popular Smith and Wesson 1522.

Notice that the entire unit is configured as a one piece sub assembly, making installation remarkably easy.
TTU rear view
Wilson TTU front view
First time downrange with the TTU-Mil