Texturing a fiberglass stock

February 1, 2017 Bill Marr 0

Many fiberglass stocks have fairly slick surfaces.  Some have textured paint or webbing that allows positive gripping in slippery conditions.  Some, like McMillan Fiberglass Stocks, can be ordered from the factory with textured grip surfaces. […]


Making a Remington 700 Action V-Block

February 8, 2015 Bill Marr 0

If you work on round action receivers like the Remington 700, a receiver v-block, or fixture, is useful.  Receiver fixtures allow you to properly index the action in your milling machine, as well as secure […]


Remington 700 8-40 scope base conversion

October 15, 2014 Bill Marr 0

Many custom rifles are offered with upgraded 8-40 scope base screws.  These larger fasteners offer increased strength over the standard 6-48 screws found on most factory rifles. Reasons for upgrading to 8-40 screws include: preventing […]


Rifle bedding: How to bed a match rifle

September 13, 2014 Bill Marr 0

Bedding a rifle increases accuracy by creating a precise fit between the stock and the action. This precise fit eliminates stress in the action and provides a solid foundation for an accurate rifle.  My friend […]