BEEZ Combat System Short Barrel Scabbard: A better way to carry your TAC-14/Shockwave

BEEZ Combat System Short Barrel Scabbard: A better way to carry your TAC-14/Shockwave

I’m a huge fan of the Remington TAC-14 and Mossberg Shockwave 12 and 20 gauge “firearms”.  I’ve shot them extensively in a variety of configurations and spent a great deal of time customizing both guns. The only downside is finding an acceptable means to carry them.  While I’ve had mixed results with slings (they bump into your legs when you walk) and a holster seems silly; a scabbard makes sense.

Known for their high-end plate carriers, Beez Combat Systems primarily supplies tactical gear and webbing to military and law enforcement.  Their short barrel scabbard is an American-made back-mounted carrier that allows the shooter to carry a short shotgun, carbine or rifle while retaining use of both hands.  When I spoke to Beez, I was told the scabbards are popular with fisherman in bear country,  allowing easy access to a firearm that’s more powerful than a pistol.

I like my TAC-14 and Shockwave and wanted to give the Beez Combat Short barrel scabbard a shot.  I ordered two, one in Kryptek Mandrake and the other Kryptek Highlander.  The scabbard is available in a series of colors including Multicam, Multicam black, Multicam alpine, A-TACS AU, A-TACS FG, Kryptek Typhoon, Kryptek Yeti, Woodlan, ACU, ABU and a series of solid colors (a list of colors can be found here).

The short barrel scabbard allows easy access to the TAC-14 pistol grip (above).

When you walk with it, it is extremely easy to grab the firearm and bring it into action.  More importantly, both hands are free and you don’t have the firearm bumping into your legs.

I ordered my scabbard with the padded sling option, above.  I think this is a valuable upgrade, especially if you are planning on heading into the woods with your TAC-14 or Shockwave since you don’t have to worry about narrow straps digging into your shoulders.

If you own a Remington TAC-14 or Mossberg Shockwave and are looking for an effective way to carry it, I would give Beez Combat Systems a look.