MDT ESS Carbon Fiber Forend

I’m a big fan of Modular Driven Technologies (MDT) chassis systems.  With a wide range of product offerings, MDT offers shooters on a variety of budgets the ability to buy a chassis that they can afford.

In the hierarchy of MDT chassis, the top of the line unit is the ESS.  I use it on this site often and have largely replaced my AICS AX chassis with it.  When I found out MDT was offering a carbon fiber forend for the ESS, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one.

Well, here it is…

The rifle shown is my laser accurate 6.5 Creedmoor built with parts from Brownells, including:

All the parts; the barrel, chassis, scope and trigger, work well together for a nice shooting rifle.  The carbon fiber looks great, but it also saves weight being noticeably lighter (30%) than the metal options.

Some sharp readers will probably notice the 13 round MDT AICS style magazine as well.  Similar in size and appearance to the standard 10 round mags, the 13 round magazine gives you added capacity.

I copied the following from their initial press release back in December:

While some might assume that weight reduction was the main driver on this release, the “coolness” factor and awesome aesthetics were at the forefront of our design specifications when we developed it. With a total weight of .53 lb (241 grams), the ESS Carbon Fiber Forend is still 30% lighter than its equivalent in aluminum and we can assure you that it does look fantastic.

MDT ensured that the ESS Carbon Fiber Forend would be a slick addition to your ESS chassis. This octagonal tubular forend comes in 15” length and has a very ergonomic outline: unlike most of the existing carbon fiber forend on the market which have straight ends, MDT’s ESS Carbon Fiber Forend has two slanted aluminum caps on each end which give it a very sharp look.

Other key features of our ESS Carbon Fiber Forend are 2 QD inserts on the either side of the forend tip, a sling swivel stud and M-Lok slots on all sides including “half” M-Lok slots on the bottom side for increased strength. To confirm the durability of this new product we also cycle tested it by flexing it at the tip over 5,000 times so it goes without saying that not only this will enhance the look of your system, but it will also endure the test of time.

Find out more about our ESS Carbon Fiber Forend and ESS chassis system by visiting us at For those of you who think that is still not enough carbon fiber for your rifle keep an eye open for our upcoming ESS Carbon Fiber Cheek Rest and Foregrip accessories which we’ll release early next year.


If you are getting ready to spec out an ESS chassis system and you are considering a carbon fiber forend, I think it’s worth it.  I’ll be reporting back with how the carbon fiber forend and 13 round magazines hold up as I get more time behind them.

To learn more about the MDT ESS carbon fiber forend, click here.