Rebarreling a Winchester Model 70

February 15, 2016 Bill Marr 0

Originally introduced in 1936, the Winchester Model 70 is an icon of the American rifle market.  The two most notable features of the original Model 70 were it’s three position safety and non-rotating controlled round […]


Chamber Reamers

April 5, 2015 Bill Marr 0

Chamber Reamers Let’s take a look at chamber reamers for metallic cartridges.  If you are new to gunsmithing, or a serious firearms enthusiast, this post will help enhance your understanding of these important tools. What […]


Custom Remington 700 223 Wylde

August 6, 2014 Bill Marr 0

When my friend let me cut up his rifle for 223 Remington/5.56 NATO, velocity versus barrel length: A man, his chop box and his friend’s rifle, I also agreed to help him rebuild it. We used […]