VTAC Sling: Someone finally got it right

Rifleshooter.com takes a  look at the VTAC Sling

I have been buying and trying different tactcial slings for nearly two decades.  I’ve gone from two point, to three point, to single point, right back around to two point again.  It never stops.  While two point slings don’t have the tactical wannabe appeal of the single point, they do a fine job for most applications without blocking controls the same way a three point sling does, plus you aren’t dealing with the limited mobility of a single point.  For the past two years I’ve been running a Blue Force Gear Vickers Tactical Sling and liked it a lot.  A friend of mine is a recent Vickers to VTAC convert and convinced me to buy a few, I did.

All these years, what exactly was it that I was looking for?  Ease of adjust-ability, adequate length to allow for transition to support shoulder firing and accommodate shotguns and a low profile strap that doesn’t bind on clothing.  The VTAC manages all of these things, and for a fairly low street price.

It adjusts easily, via one of those old fashioned Alice pack buckles, is plenty long, especially without the follower in use, and the slick nylon doesn’t bind on clothing or carriers.  While it may appear that the the lose end of the sling flopping around is a hinderence, I haven’t noticed it to be a problem.

I have both the padded and unpadded versions.  I prefer the unpadded one.  While it is a slick little strap and can chafe your neck, I like the increase speed and slickness over the padded model.  The padded is OK for heavier stuff, but I find it too cumbersome and relegated them to shotgun use.

VTAC makes a fixed stock adapter which fits A1 and A2 style AR15 stocks well.  I tried it on a short Speedfeed stock on a Remington 870 and found it didn’t fit well and interfered with shooting.  I grabbed the rear adapter from a Specter Gear 3 Point sling and attached the VTAC to it.  That worked well for this application.

For the money, the VTAC is definitely worth a look.  I bought mine from Brownells, they have a lifetime return policy, so if you don’t like it you can always send it back.

Here is a video I found on YouTube from VTAC, it gives a good overview of the sling.

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