Rifle stock or chassis?

November 16, 2015 Bill Marr 0

Precision rifle stocks versus chassis systems One of the bigger choices you’ll make outfitting your precision rifle is deciding whether to equip it with a traditional stock or a chassis system. Both have advantages, but […]


USMC M40A5 Build- Part 3: Receiver Truing

June 13, 2015 Bill Marr 0

USMC M40A5 Build- Part 3: Receiver Truing, is the third part of’s series, USMC M40A5 Build.  With a goal of cloning the USMC M40A5 (M40A3) sniper rifle, USMC M40A5 Build- Part 1: Gathering the Parts, […]

Custom rifle actions

Surgeon 591 Action

February 15, 2015 Bill Marr 0

The Surgeon 591 action is a popular choice for custom gun builders.  A one piece bolt, integrated rail and recoil lug provide an excellent foundation for custom rifles. This particular action has a 308 bolt […]

Precision Rifles

TAC21 Review: 3.5 Years Later

December 20, 2014 Bill Marr 0

The Modular Driven Technologies (MDT) TAC21 chassis system allows bolt action rifle users enhanced ergonomics and functionality by allowing a conventional Remington 700 (short or long action), Tikka T3 or Savage (short action) to use […]