Porting a shotgun barrel with a drill

January 17, 2014 Bill Marr 0

Porting a shotgun helps decrease muzzle rise and felt recoil.  I decided to port the 18.5″ barrel on my 870 Remington shotgun.  This is a quick and easy project that requires minimum tooling. I ordered […]


7 Tactical shotgun upgrades

July 27, 2013 Bill Marr 0

While it is larger then a pistol and recoils more then a carbine, the shotgun has earned a place for home defense, law enforcement, and limited military use.  The shotgun is versatile, firing a wide […]


Lengthening a shotgun’s forcing cone

February 3, 2013 Bill Marr 0

Lengthening (Extending) a shotgun’s forcing cone The forcing cone is the tapered area just forward of the chamber that allows the shot an area in which to transition into the bore.  As the shot then […]