Cobray Terminator Shotgun Pictures: One weird shotgun

The Cobray Terminator shotgun is an odd duck.  This single shot, slam fire, folding stock shotgun was on the market for a short time… word on the street is only 18 were made (some report just shy of 100), and I believe I know the guy who sold at least six of them.  You’d load a shell in the chamber, pull the trigger, and the barrel would slam backwards firing the shell.

If I recall correctly, the gun met the 26″ minimum length required by the NFA when the trigger was pulled.  After it fired, the new length was around 22″, with the stock collapsed.

I remember seeing these years ago and a few months ago one walked into my friends store.  A Youtube video by Forgotten Weapons reminded me that I snapped some pictures of it.

cobray terminator 6 cobray terminator 5 cobray terminator 4 cobray terminator 3 cobray terminator 2 cobray terminator 1

For more information about the Cobray Terminator and how it works, take a look at this video from Forgotten Weapons:

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