Remington M24 Trigger

February 28, 2015 Bill Marr 0

I managed to get my hands on a real Remington M24 trigger (NSN: 1005015118314)! This is the correct trigger for a M24, M40A3 or M40A5, and one of the parts needed for the upcoming M40A5 […]


Fluted Remington 700 Bolts

February 15, 2015 Bill Marr 0

  I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback about the fluted bolts on my custom Remington 700 builds.  If you look at the action in the photo above, you’d probably be shocked to learn it […]

Custom rifle actions

Surgeon 591 Action

February 15, 2015 Bill Marr 0

The Surgeon 591 action is a popular choice for custom gun builders.  A one piece bolt, integrated rail and recoil lug provide an excellent foundation for custom rifles. This particular action has a 308 bolt […]


Making a Remington 700 Action V-Block

February 8, 2015 Bill Marr 0

If you work on round action receivers like the Remington 700, a receiver v-block, or fixture, is useful.  Receiver fixtures allow you to properly index the action in your milling machine, as well as secure […]