Fluted Remington 700 Bolts


I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback about the fluted bolts on my custom Remington 700 builds.  If you look at the action in the photo above, you’d probably be shocked to learn it is a factory Remington 700 short action.

While I don’t have the technology to helically flute bolts, Karl Feldkamp, of Kampfeld Custom does.  For a small fee, he will flute your bolt and refinish it in Cerakote.  Unlike some other custom processes, fluting is mostly cosmetic and only requires the removal of the bolt.  It doesn’t change anything else about the gun.

fluted 700 bolt

Karl offers a number of fluting styles, but I prefer the 6 wide cut flutes.  When I sent him some of my bolts, I requested them returned unfinished so I could coat them on my own.  Looking at the quality of the machine work, you can tell he has perfected the process.  I posted a couple pictures of rifles I’ve built using bolts he has fluted below.

If you want to add a custom look to your Remington 700, drop him a line.

16 inch 308 700 banner length