Shotgun duckbill with 41 pellet number 4 buckshot

Shooting a shotgun duckbill with 41 pellet number 4 buckshot

I’ve been having a blast with my Paradigm SRP shot spreader (read more about this modern version of the Vietnam era duckbill here).  I was so impressed with the 27-pellet number 4 buckshot performance, I ordered up some 3″ 41-pellet number 4 buckshot loads to try.  Each pellet is .24″ in diameter and weighs 20.7 grains.  That is a lot of lead with each pull of the trigger!

The first time I headed to the range to test the gun with the duckbill the Remington TAC-14 “firearm” looked like this (above).  Editor’s note: remember, under the NFA this isn’t a shotgun, but a firearm.  With the exception of modifying the gun to accept interchangeable choke tubes and the Surefire forearm, I pretty much left it stock.

Since then, I did some work.  Here it is now….

Tell me this doesn’t look cool! I added the following parts:

Cardboard targets in hand I headed to the range.  These targets are 19″ wide and 25″ at the shoulder.  Placing three targets next to each other gives me a target 57″ wide.

First up, 12 yards.  At 12 yards all pellets stayed on the 3 target array with a width of 52.5″ and a height of 17″!

At 25 yards, 28 pellets stayed on the cardboard, 13 went elsewhere.  I was unable to measure the size of the entire pattern, so I would guess it a little more than twice the spread at 12 yards, putting it somewhere in the 104″ range, which would be over 8 feet wide!

Both the TAC-14 and Paradigm SRP shot spreader have been impressive to shoot.

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