Remington 870 Tritium Rifle Sight Installation

Tritium sights are an easy upgrade for shotgun users.  Here we install a set of Kimber tritium sights on a 18″ Remington 870 rifle sighted barrel.

For this installation we used the following supplies:

We begin by verifying the shotgun is safe and empty and then remove the barrel.

This is a quick and simple project, we grab a screw driver, sight pusher, night sights and the barrel.
While you can drift the old front sight out with a brass or nylon drift, we have found using a sight pusher provides the best results.  If you plan on changing ramped front sights on a few firearms, its definitely worth the investment.  Notice the two jaws that grab the sides of the base while the threaded pusher rod drives the dovetailed front sight in or out of the dovetail.


The Williams sight pusher mounted in place.  Turn the handle clockwise, the front sight slides out of the dovetail.
The replacement tritium front sight is then driven in from the other side with the sight pusher.
Swapping out the rear tritium sight is simple.  Using our Magna-Tip driver and a small slotted bit, we simply loosen the screw on the rear sight.
The new tritium rear sight is secured into place with the same screw that held the original rear sight.  We will apply a small drop of blue thread lock to ours once we get to the range and zero. If you do this make sure you use the proper size driver.