DeWalt DW3970 Hacksaw: A great gunsmith’s hacksaw

With two metal cutting band saws a few feet from our workbench, we still often find ourselves reaching for a hacksaw.  To trim a screw to length or make the initial cut on a barrel, the hacksaw is sometimes the better choice.

Over the years we have tried many saws and have been less then satisfied  with the frames we have been using.  Finally fed up with our menagerie of old saws, we ordered a DeWalt DW3970 high tension hacksaw frame and couldn’t be happier.  The frame is solid, comfortable and holds blades taught. Everyone who has picked it up and made a cut has been impressed.

If you are struggling with your current hacksaw, we feel this is a worthwhile investment.


The DW3970 is the nicest hacksaw that we have ever used.  The frame holds blades taught and is quite comfortable.  The supplied blade was coated in a nonslip material which was wider then the saw’s kerf.  Once a cut was made past the height of the blade, the saw cut quick and true.
This is the tension system.  The lever at the back of the handle is used to apply tension, it is then held in place by the sliding lock beneath it.  The knob at the bottom is used to adjust tension.
The DW3970 even includes a provision for blade storage inside the frame.  Simply remove the rubber, pull from the front and your spare blades slide right in.