ViperSkins upgrade for A.I.C.S

Victor Company USA’s ViperSkins in Flat Dark Earth for an A.I.C.S. Long Action 2.0

We’ve been fans of the Accuracy International Chassis System (A.I.C.S.) since its introduction.  This robust stock provides shooters a solid platform for their precision rifles.   The only downside we’ve found is the the thickness, weight and ergonomics of the system- especially when shooting in positions other then prone.

The stock A.I.C.S. skins in olive drab.  The stock A.I.C.S. chassis works well, however, some shooters dislike the ergonomics.

Victor Company USA offers ViperSkins to replace the factory skins with a lighter and more ergonomic alternative.

The ViperSkins offer the following benefits:

  • 4 ounces lighter then the factory skins
  • wider fore-end
  • offhand palm swell
  • increased ergonomics with the rear stock
  • improved texture over the factory skins
ViperSkins installation is fairly straightforward.  After ensuring our rifle, in this case a custom Remington 700 300 Winchester Magnum, was safe and empty; we simply removed the cross screws that held the factory A.I.C.S. skins in place.
The skins are simply snapped into place and secured with the provided screws.  Installation is quickly accomplished. A wide range of color options are offered; tactical black, Army green, Multicam, flat dark earth, OD fleck, hot pink, coyote brown and A-TACS
We really like the improved ergonomics of the ViperSkins, this is a solid improvement on an excellent chassis system.


With a reasonable street price of less then $150, the ViperSkins are priced competitively with stock replacement skins and available in a wide range of colors, action lengths, left or right handed, for both folding and fixed stocks variants of the A.I.C.S.

ViperSkins are available from Victor Company USA.  The A.I.C.S. chassis is available from Brownells.