Building a Custom 6GT Rifle

July 31, 2021 Bill Marr 0

I’ve been in the shooting business since the late 1990s. While there has always been a seemingly continuous rollout of new and better cartridges, it seems like the frequency of introductions has increased in the […]



May 31, 2021 Bill Marr 0

I have some pretty interesting guns walk into the shop, like this Ruger SPNY. The SPNY was a hammerless DAO variant of the SP-101 chambered in 38 Special and made exclusively for the NYPD, this […]


Removing a stuck Remington 700 barrel

February 28, 2021 Bill Marr 0

I pull (unthread) rifle barrels from actions on an almost daily basis. Often, most of the most stubborn actions can be removed with the proper barrel & action vise and a little bit of effort. […]