A quick look: Atlas Tactical Action for 338 Lapua

I had a customer bring in an Atlas Tactical Action for 338 Lapua. Since I had the action on hand, I took some pictures of it to share.

The Atlas Tactical action is coated in a black nitride finish. You’ll notice this action is left-handed, but they are also available in right handed. The recoil lug and rail are both removable. I’m not sure why everyone wants a solid once piece action nowadays, I don’t see a problem with an action built like this.

The bolt is helically fluted and has some nice lines. While it appears to look very similar to a Remington 700, the ejection and extraction are unique to this action.

The extractor (above, right) is reminiscent of a “Sako style” while the ejector is fairly unique. It is important to note that this is a mechanical ejector that does not use a spring. Also note this action has a flat bolt face.

This bolt stop assembly from the side of the action also actuates the ejector. Note the small pin to the right of the part. This engages the ejector on the bolt when the bolt is pulled to the rear of the action.

Here you can see how the bolt stop and the ejector interface. While I appreciate the cleverness of this design and the work that went into making it, I don’t like it for a rifle that will be used in the field. The bolt stop is held onto the action by a screw and the post/pin that engages the ejector is very dainty looking.

Here you can see the bolt stop removed from the side of the action. Behind it you can find the trigger hanger that is secured to the bottom of the action with a screw.

The Atlas Tactical action seems like a nice choice for a range gun. I’m not sure I’d trust the screw on bolt stop/ ejector assembly in the field, but for most users it should be fine.