Rogers Super-Stoc Review

Rogers Super-Stoc Review


Rogers Super-Stoc
Rogers Super-Stoc in the field

Designed by Bill Rogers, former FBI agent, inventor of the Kydex holster and founder of the premier shooting school in the United States; the Rogers Super-Stoc is designed to fit your collapsible stock AR-15 carbine.

Equipped with quick-detach sling swivel mounts on both sides, the Rogers Super-Stoc stock has two truly unique features that set it apart from other designs.  First, it will work on either mil spec or commercial diameter receiver extensions, so no more measuring.  If you own a mix of rifles with both, you can move the stock back and forth between rifles by making a simple adjustment.  Finally, the stock utilizes a unique cam lock mechanism to provide an additional locking point on the stock.


Rogers Super-Stoc removable recoil pad.
The Super-Stoc lock has a cam lock lever (right) in addition to the standard quick-release lever (left) found on most AR-15 collapsible stocks.  The cam actually applies pressure on the front of the stock, gripping the entire buffer tub extension.
With the cam down in the “unlocked” position, note the size of the opening.  We decided to measure the bottom opening of the stock because it was the easiest to take an accurate reading from.
Rogers Super-Stoc cam locked
With the cam in the locked position, the entire front of the stock is pinched closed. This provides an additional bearing surface and more secure locking over conventional stocks.
To install the Super-Stoc on a mil-spec buffer extension, remove your old stock then pull the cross pin located above the quick release lever down and slide the stock on your safe and empty rifle. The stock can be installed on either mil-spec or commercial diameter extensions.  To install the stock on a commercial extension, the user simply removes a shim.
After the stock is in place, the user selects the appropriate length, taps the stock forward and uses a flat blade screw driver to tighten the cam. The stock is now ready for use and  provides a solid platform when locked while still being easily adjustable.

Rogers Super-Stoc compared to the Magpul CTR

The Super-Stoc (top) is often accused of being a Magpul CTR (bottom) “knock-off” on the web. While they share similar external similarities, they function very differently.  The CTR utilizes a front locking lever to secure the quick release lever.  The Super-Stoc’s front cam-lock lever serves as an additional point of contact securing the stock to the rifle, not merely securing the quick release lever.
Depressing the quick release levers on both the Super-Stoc (top) and CTR (bottom) unlocks the front locking lever and allows the user to adjust the length of pull.  For those in the field who worry about every extra ounce, the Super-Stoc weighs noticeably less then the CTR.

We were thoroughly impressed with the durable,  light weight construction and the secure, locking-cam mechanism of the Rogers Super-Stoc.  This will be our go-to stock for our own rifles.  Apparently it’s not just us, Wilson Combat and Colt are both offering the Rogers Super-Stoc on their rifles from the factory.

Lightweight and available in black, flat dark earth and foliage green, the Rogers Super-Stoc is manufactured by Prezine (Bill Rogers is president) and can be purchased from