What’s in your range bag?

April 7, 2018 Bill Marr 0

What’s in your range bag? New shooters either bring too much or not enough gear to the range. I shoot a lot so I have some idea of what is worth carrying along.  While my […]


Remington 700 upgrades

December 26, 2017 Bill Marr 0

Remington 700 upgrades Most guys I know love to tinker with stuff.  Be it their house, car or firearm, they try to make it better.  While it helps to have a specialized skill set with […]

Cartridge Selection

340 Weatherby Magnum

December 3, 2017 Bill Marr 0

The 338 Lapua Magnum is one of the better known .338″ diameter cartridges on the market today. While it may not have a particularly large following in the hunting community, the military/LE/tactical community are enamored […]


My MagnetoSpeed V3 BROKE!!!

November 11, 2017 Bill Marr 0

I’ve been using a MagnetoSpeed V3 barrel mounted ballistic chronograph a few times a week for the past few years (I started with the V1 back on December 2013)!  Thousands and thousands of reliably measured […]


USMC Combat Pistol Program history and development

April 13, 2017 Bill Marr 0

USMC Combat Pistol Program history and development In July 2015 I published Shooting the USMC Pistol Qualification: Combat Pistol Program (CPP) to share my thoughts on how the USMC’s pistol marksmanship program changed from when I qualified […]